Betty Who – ‘Slow Dancing’ EP (Review)


More than just a teen girl’s ultimate shopping soundtrack, newcomer Betty Who’s Slow Dancing EP is an 80s-inspired/indie-pop dream worth crushing on at any age.  The follow up to her popular single “Somebody Loves You,” Slow Dancing showcases Who’s effortless charm, bursting with youthful, glittering melodies, particularly noted in “Heartbreak Dream,” as Who belts a chorus that you’ll be singing in the shower for weeks, and “Alone Again,” which sets the stage of a dreamy 80s prom night.  However, it’s “Giving Me Away” that truly captures the giddy butterflies and fascination of young love as Who sings in both bashful and fearless tones, “Hear my mad machine gun heartbeat pounding right beside you, giving me away.”  The warm tone of Who’s voice becomes breathy and flirty for the groovy vibe of “Lovin Start,” while “Silas” closes the album in a delicate fashion, boasting her most modest yet soothing vocals on the EP.  Sure to be this year’s summer crush, Slow Dancing is a step in the right direction for this soon-to-be pop queen.


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Review by Jen Schwartz