Typefighter – ‘The End of Everything’ (Review)


The garage-pop band, Typefighter, of Washington, D.C. is set to release their debut full length album on April 22nd, 2014. The album will be released via Huge Witch Records. Typefighter is composed of Ryan McLaughlin (singer/guitarist), Thomas Orgren (guitarist), John Scoops (bassist) and Will Waikart (drummer).

The sound of The End of Everything consists of raw vocals matched with classic pop/rock instrumentals. This album is different from what is out on the market right now, and that helps separate them from other musicians. Their single, “Much,” is one of the leading tracks for this album and defines what type of band Typefighter is. It switches back and forth from fast paced music to slow moving vocals, and it fits together perfectly. This album has the feel of a Kings of Leon album. The songs composed for this full-length make up a very strong album. It is easy on the ears, and is something that you could listen to all at once without getting tired of it.


The End Of Everything is available April 22.



Review by Emily Bowman