Twenty One Pilots – Trip For Concerts Spring 2014 (Live Photos & Review)

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Hunter Hunted began the show at the sold out Riviera Theatre in Chicago, Illinois on Twenty One Pilots’ headlining tour on April 18th, 2014. The two-piece band comprised of Dan Chang & Michael Garner, accompanied by three other live members played a short, six song set comprised of songs from their EP as well as their upcoming full-length. Up next was Swedish indie-pop trio NONONO. Their ambivalent sound captured the audience’s attention for the entirety of the set as more people began to rush down to the floor from the balcony.

Headliner Twenty One Pilots took the stage next, not slowing down for even a moment. Drummer Josh Dun was the first to take his place on stage, walking up the stairs to his elevated drum set. As the lights went dim again, frontman Tyler Joseph ran and jumped into the air to start off the set. The band started off with “Guns For Hands” off of their 2013 release, Vessel. They went on to play songs, old and new, and did a cover of “Mad World” in the middle of their set. Near the end of their set, frontman Tyler Joseph took a moment to thank the audience: “You know, we’ve been traveling for a while, and things are starting to pick up for us. Talking on stage has never been very tough for me. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what exactly to say. I’ve been thinking about this show in particular for a while… I want you to know something: I look out into the audience and I see some faces who’ve been around for a while, you know what I mean? We’ve been traveling around, we’ve been playing, we did a thing on TV a little bit ago. And you can just feel it, you can feel it start to get bigger, more intense, more involved. There’s one thing I know though: this venue sold out way before we ever played on TV. I don’t know how else to say it, other than this: Chicago will always feel like home for us. Thank you so much.” As the lights faded out after their last song, “Trees,” the crowd cheered wildly.

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4/18/14 Photos  and review by Anam Merchant

4/14/14 Photos by Matt Ginzel