The Year Fifteen – ‘As A World Entire’ (Review)

Year Fifteen Album art

Where do I begin with this album? It’s totally brilliant, completely accessible (anyone with a penchant for music will find a track that they can appreciate and enjoy – I guarantee it) emotional, moody, and there are enough textures to keep you entertained for repeat listens. Every listen reveals a little a more about a song whether it’s the lyrics or the musicianship. “Patience” is everything I’ve described and vocal delivery is mood altering. The song draws you in with its space and gentleness.

“Out Of Sync” shows how this album grows. With more groove than “Patience,” its beat will find its way inside you. The rock vibe is incomparable to what we first hear and it all fits together perfectly in the album.  The Year Fifteen (Billy Duprey) has pieced together an album that’s a pleasure to be immersed in. There a moments where it seems that these songs shouldn’t go together and others where it feels like the natural progression through a journey.

It’s not often that an album is completely flawless but with A World Entire Duprey has found perfection.




Review by Sebastian Mackay