The Tower – ‘Hic Abundant Leones’ (Review)

The Tower

Focus on this album. Breathe it in. Pay attention. Because there’s a lot to it. Lyrically, it’s a complicated story with vivid moments of pure imagination. It sets out to paint a landscape within each song and it does exactly that. It isn’t perfect, there are moments where it feels as though it’s falling back into the 70s rather than The Tower being its own brand of music. That’s counterbalanced by the sheer lyrical ability of the work. From the first track to the last it’s at times meandering and at others pleasantly different.

“Lucy” is begging to say “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” it even goes as far to actually say “Lucy in the sky” you automatically take it the rest of the way. While “Lions at the Gate” is armed with a great bass line and a serious amount of groove. It stands out against the other tracks in a big way and doesn’t fail with the lyrics.

This album is solid and consistent. Other than 70s repetition there are no easily exploitable weak points and the songs stack up to form a solid work. /Official Website  /


Out 4/15 via Bad Omen Records (dist. by Prosthetic Records)


Review by Sebastian Mackay