The Chimpz – Los Angeles, CA (Live Review)

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The Chimpz invaded North Hollywood hotspot Skinny’s Lounge recently and rocked the night away with crowd shout alongs like “Who Can I Trust” and “Hit It & Quit It.” Chimpz nation was in full effect as Artemis Prime and Chuck P serenaded the shredwork of Scary Cary on lead guitar. A molotov cocktail of punk rock, hip hop and metal from start to finish; the live set is definitely recommended if you’re into bands like Nonpoint, Rage Against the Machine and Pennywise.

The evening consisted of mostly favorites from their debut album like their singles “Home Invasion” and “Mr. 44” which are both known for appearing on AMC’s television series “Sons Of Anarchy.” The progressive genre fusion makes The Chimpz stand out musically but there’s something uniquely special about their crowd chemistry that really hooks you in. Covering the dancefloor and bleeding onto the stage; fans moshed, danced, sang and rapped along to the exhilarating performance of The Chimpz. With infectious and socially conscious lyrical content rooted in true stories straight from the streets of California; The Chimpz deliver an undeniably special set where the connections between crowd and creator are not only audible and visible but contagious.

Gearing up to visit Validus Recording Studios to work with producer Ryan Greene (NOFX, Bad Religion) on their next offering; The Chimpz are involving their fans in every part of the process through crowdfunding campaign at Pledge More than just a pre-order, fans who contribute to funding the new project  are given special opportunities to be included in the album credits, tag along on tour and more. The hotly anticipated album will be out in spring of 2014 and with the way these guys are raging through the scene, you will definitely want to be about of the action.

Making history on the live circut and in the studio rap-metal resurrectors The Chimpz are Artemis Prime (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist), Chris “Chuck P” Coast (lyricist), “Scary” Cary Singman (lead guitarist), Shawn “Sonic” Lyon (bassist), and Sean “Capz” Topham (drummer).