Stop Dead – ‘Dirt & Dust’ (Review)

Stop Dead Cover

Disclaimer: This is (unexpectedly) a fanboy review.

I love this EP. My one complaint is that it’s not a full album. I’ve played it into the ground and back and it doesn’t lose a touch of brilliance with repeat listens. Stop Dead is, despite the name, the kind of music that’ll make you happy. It’s rock music with an upbeat and infectious vibe. Lyrically we’re not thrown into a break up or woe is me album (which is as refreshing as it is welcomed) and right the way through Ryan Gose doesn’t drop the ball.

Even the album cover, a toddler dressed as a cowboy, is cute and will win you over (if you’re into that sort of thing). Dirt & Dust isn’t the type of EP that has standout tracks (only because that implies some are better than others) because they’re all brilliant. ‘Supernova’ is colored by the opener ‘We Own The Night’ and it’s seamless transition shows these tracks are simply meant to be together.

I guarantee you that as soon you have the lyrics down, you’ll be coming back to this to sing to ‘Light My Fire’ and title track ‘Dirt and Dust’.

Gose has come up with an album that’ll leave you, paradoxically, fulfilled and wanting more.


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Review by Sebastian Mackay