Relief in Sleep – ‘Relief in Sleep’ (Review)

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Relief in Sleep is a band from Tampa, FL and their self-titled album is beautiful, the great, sound vocals of Kara Dennis show just how powerful her voice really is. The music is quite upbeat and energetic. It is lively and catches the attention of the listeners and even the non-listeners. They state on their Facebook page that “they work hard to make sure their music isn’t predictable” and I would have to say that they succeed at this. They are a band that has been creating music since 2011 and I think people everywhere should at least give this band a listen.

Each song is different from the previous one and that can only mean that in turn, it’ll be different from the next song you will hear from them. Let’s start off with the first song that isn’t the intro, titled “Long Lost.” Just listening to it you can tell there is a great musical aspect to it but without the lyrics you wouldn’t be able to easily tell it’s a sort of sad song where one is ‘slipping away’ and asking someone to hold their hand as they slip away.

The next song is titled “Jumper” and it starts off with just instruments and no lyrics until about 44 seconds into the song. It’s a slower song but not too slow. I feel as if the song is about independence and not living for anyone but yourself as the lyrics repeated are “….and you won’t be the death of me….” Make me think that they just want to live for themselves and not let anyone contribute to their own death or fate.

Each song starts out different and stays relatively different throughout. It’s a great album overall and I fully recommend everyone to listen to it no matter what genre of music you like because I feel like the majority of people can quite easily relate to the song lyrics. You can hear the passion in Dennis’ voice as she sings each song.


Review by Rae Wade