Midday Committee – ‘Girls In Open C’ (Review)

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Okay, let me first start off by saying that when I first read the title of this EP, “In” was not what I read, haha…anyways…

Portsmouth pop-punk rockers, Midday Committee recently released their third EP, Girls In Open C, April 7th. Comprised of Rich Sanders, Keiran Heath, Adam Hall and Kurtis Maiden, Midday Committee have been breaking through the pop-punk scene with their raw and gritty vocals and heavy-hitting instrumentals. Pulling from personal tragedy, love, love lost and of course girls, this album starts off strong and gets you up off your feet the first song in and clearly boasts a “no sleeping allowed” sign. If Every Avenue’s Dave Strauchman and former Go Radio’s Jason Lancaster made a vocal baby, Midday Committee just might be it with their raw vocals that are almost unheard in today’s music scene.

Girls In Open C starts off strong with loss and heartbreak in “I Swear To God I’m Going To Pistol Whip The Next.” From taking chances in “Casinos,” moving up and on in “Hometowns,” and perhaps landing safe and sound in “Games Been Called,” Girls In Open C tells the stories we have all become familiar with. The EP comes to a graceful close with “Just Me And You” featuring Christina Rotondo; and while this song seems to be a bit out of place in this album, it’s one of my favorites. Exposing a truly vulnerable side to love, this is the perfect song to close out Girls In Open C.


To sum everything up, Girls In Open C is a pretty damn good EP.




 Review by Jaclyn Tamura