Junius – ‘Days of The Fallen Sun’ (Review)


A musical narrative delving deep into the controversial theories of scholar Immanuel Velikovsky; Junius’ new EP Days of The Fallen Sun is the prequel to their 2009 release The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist. Co-produced by the band, along with Will Benoit at Radar Studios, Days of The Fallen Sun is a 25 minute clench and twist to the feels.

Eloquent and emotional, each track floats through permeable interludes allowing the lyrics to fully submerge your mind and drown you into their dark, unflinching world. Between vividly capturing moments of terror and transcendance with the lengthy track “A Day Dark With Night,” and staging full on warfare with “Battle In The Sky” the shapes of each song cautiously guide listeners through an epic recital of cataclysmic events.

Although the EP is not entirely composed of unfamiliar material, (“The Time Of Perfect Virtue” and “A Day Dark With Night” appeared on previous splits) Days Of The Fallen Sun exposes a new, more intrusive side of Junius. While previously released material suggested a move across atmospheres of post rock; this particular combination of weeping basslines that ebb and flow along brute drumming and caressed by distorted vocals shows the limitlessness of the band. This is certainly a difficult if not nearly impossible trait  to unearth amongst the hoards of cookie cutters.

There is a significant uniqueness in the way that Junius embraces the incomparable beauty of the end of days; harmoniously blending metal, punk, rock, and doom into a musical mosaic of rhythm and riffage. A must listen for fans of each aforementioned genre.


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Review by Ebony Jeanette