Graveyard – Los Angeles, CA – 4/11/14 (Live Review)

 GRAVEYARD - Living Room - 8x8 @ 300 dpi

What does it take to be legendary? Windblown hair? Check. Belty vocals? Check. Leather and long solos? Check and Check! But, it’s not just about your age or style – what it really comes down to is making an impact — leaving a mark so significant it becomes unmistakable and synonymous with the word “legend.” Decades after the golden era of rock ’n’ roll, the artists and albums that gave us our musical history continue to captivate us and even breathe new life into rising generations — proving that just because you’re a legend doesn’t mean you’re gone. If there was one show to remind us why rock ’n’ roll will never ever die it was Friday night in LA’s Club Nokia where legends in the making Graveyard opened for the one and only Motorhead.

Under smoky blue lights the packed to capacity theatre reverberated with the sounds of the swedish retro rockers. Ladies shot straight up out of their seats like dancing bullets, spraying the sky with clenched fists and finger horns. Frontman Joakim Nilsson’s power rocking pipes only got stronger as the night progressed, and the shredding Swedes served up well-received slices of nonstop rock ‘n’ roll from all three albums including their most notable- Hinsigen Blues, in addition to a few choice tracks from Lights Out.

In a word, the night was breathtaking, the Graveyard set combined big arena energy with the connection and intimacy of a cozy basement show. Brimming with crossover appeal, Graveyard possesses an engaging stage presence second only to their instrumental prowess. Add smoke machines and a seamless lighting scheme implemented throughout the set and what you’ve got is more than a show, it’s an experience that leaves a permanent witness to the stuff legends are truly made of.


Graveyard Set List

  1. Randy
  2. Ain’t Fit to Live Here
  3. Buying Truth (Tack & Förlåt)
  4. Goliath
  5. Slow Motion Countdown
  6. As the Years Pass by, the Hours Bend
  7. Endless Night
  8. Hisingen Blues
  9. The Siren


Special shoutout to evening openers Unlocking the Truth, a young band on the rise whose set was a prolific tribute to the roots of early metal! 


Review by Ebony Jeanette