Emery Band Members Release Controversial Book “BADCHRISTIAN, GREATSAVIOR” on Paperback


BadChristian, the new multi-faceted website, blog and record label formed by Matt Carter and Toby Morrell of the popular rock group, Emery, along with close friend, Pastor and former Emery bassist, Joey Svendsen, has released its new, controversial book, BADCHRISTIAN, GREATSAVIOR, on paperback. The book, which was crowdfunded by BadChristian’s fans and tripled its funding goal with over 1,500 pre-sales, can be purchased now on the BadChristian web-store at: http://badchristian.com/campaign/bc-store/. An eBook edition can be purchased on Amazon.com here.

BADCHRISTIAN, GREATSAVIOR holds nothing back, revealing intimate details of the authors’ lives while discussing problems within today’s Christian society. Carter, Morrell and Svendsen expose their own struggles with sexual sin, depression, betrayal, anger and alcohol abuse. All the while, they lived a second life: attending church, leading worship, and appearing to be as “good” as possible.

An excerpt from BADCHRISTIAN, GREATSAVIOR states, “This is not a book of Theology. This is not Christian Inspiration. This is Matt, Toby, and Joey telling it like they see it; that you are worse than you think you are, and Jesus is better than you think He is.”



BadChristian was formed in 2013 by Matt Carter, Toby Morrell and Joey Svendsen. Carter and Morrell are worship leaders and founders of Emery, a successful touring rock band that has sold over 500,000 records and toured in 49 states.

The multi-dimensional, BADCHRISTIAN.com, sees over 100,000 unique monthly visitors with more than 200,000 page views, features a blog with over 10,000 subscribers, a podcast that debuted at 15 on the iTunes top charts and a record label.

The new record label, BadChristian Music, released its inaugural offering last month, ‘Live in Color,’ a live EP from the Seattle, Wash. 10-musician collective, Kings Kaleidoscope. BadChristian Music is currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign for Emery’s upcoming sixth studio album, You Were Never Alone, to be released this summer. Head to: http://badchristian.com/campaign/newemery/ for more information.


Stay tuned for more information on BadChristian, BADCHRISTIAN, GREATSAVIOR and Emery.


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