Electro Duo Oh, Be Clever Premieres New Track “My Religion” Produced by Kenny Carkeet of AWOLNATION

OBC 2014


Electro duo, Oh, Be Clever premiere their brand new track, “My Religion” featuring Kenny Carkeet of AWOLNATION. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

“We had no idea what to expect going into this co-write with Kenny [Carkeet],” vocalist Brittney Shields explains. “Quite honestly, we were a little intimidated! The experience with Kenny and Jarvis [Anderson] (Saturn City) was absolutely amazing. They opened doors for me, as a writer, that do not get opened very often. The song was basically written about the destructive relationships that we, as human beings, get into. I was in one of these for about 6 months, and once I got myself out of it, I realized it was based purely on lust. I couldn’t let this person go because I was in love with the intimacy…and that was pretty much it. The ugly side of me was brought out in this ‘relationship’ and I couldn’t let it go because I was in lust. Kenny and Jarvis completely brought me out of my ‘box,’ so to speak, as a lyricist and I think the song is an interesting way to look at how humans view these destructive relationships.”

Oh, Be Clever blend elements of rock, soul, and electronic music with raw, emotional lyrics that tell stories of love, struggle and empowerment. The enormous voice of singer Brittney Shields combined with the refreshing state of the art sounds of multi instrumentalist Cory Scott Layton come together to create the catchy, upbeat sound that is Oh, Be Clever. The Salt Lake City duo, however, haven’t always enjoyed perfect harmony. Prior to forming Oh, Be Clever, Brittney and Cory were members of separate bands that loathed each other to the point of physical violence. Late one night after a show, a fight broke out in the parking lot between the two bands. Having always admired each other, Shields and Layton fled the scene to create their own music, and Oh, Be Clever was born.


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