Eagles In Drag – ‘Eagles In Drag’ (Review)

 Eagles In Drag

Made of members from This Century, The Maine and Rocket To The Moon there is a lot of musical talent behind Eagles In Drag. The downside is that it inherently comes with high expectations. And Eagles In Drag have [unleash string of expletives] nailed it. The self-titled EP screams attitude, groove and booty shaking bad-assery. “Pretty Girl Monster” unleashes the EP in an way that you wouldn’t expect. It’s hard not to think of the beautiful acoustic tracks to come out of The Maine and This Century. That said, do yourself a favor and forget the association. It’s as though the band have beaten Metallica in a fist fight and these are their bloodied driving fists.

“Black Dolphin” is sassy. It’s a return to the driving drums of the aforementioned track but they’ve wrapped it in groove. The track is like unwrapping a present, each layer brings something new and interesting.  Then there’s “Buzz,” “we still buzz around like busy bees/so come on baby buzz with me!” it’s, surprisingly, the most sinister and directed track on the EP. This is true for the guitar and drum work after the buzz with me line and the lyrics of song (“the workers work and produce for the pretty queen / she charges by the hour just to breathe”).

Eagles in Drag have come up with an EP that’s unique, that moves from the heavy and creepy to more mellow parts with ease, and warrants some serious replays.


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Review by Sebastian Mackay