Captain Kidd – ‘Captain Kidd’ (Review)


Captain Kidd is a six piece band from Cleveland, OH but now currently based out of Columbus, OH. They formed back in late 2012 and their music can be described as alternative dance/indie/pop. It’s quite upbeat and very musically well put together. This is a short EP, only four songs but trust me, these are four songs that will get you hooked and make you want to get up and dance around your room or house or wherever you are. The lyrics are clever and the melodies are just great and make the listening experience better.

The self-entitled EP Captain Kidd starts off with the song “Freaky Love” and it’s a song receiving a lot of buzz on the internet lately and has been for a month or two now and I fully understand why. It’s super catchy and has a good musical sound paired with it. This is the type of song you expect to make this band big as it just has the all around good sound and catchiness to it. Now let’s go to the second song on the EP called “Closer.” This song is just super beautiful as it is near perfectly put together instrumentally for this EP.  Although it’s not as catchy as “Freaky Love” you have to give it credit for its musicality and for the fact that it brings back that disco-y vibe which is quite nice and fits in well. You also have to love those synth licks that add to the chorus. It shows that this band just might have more talent than people may think or currently give them credit for. The next song is titled “Mesmerelda” and it gets you bobbing your head and puts a modern twist to the disco sound of the past. It’s a very upbeat and groovy track and also has some funk to it. The final song on the EP is “Strangers in the Morning” which begins with a guitar riff that’s very catchy for the beginning of the song. It snags your attention by being energetic. It’s got that vibe that makes this a good song to put you in a good mood or to just listen to on a nice sunny day.

I believe they started and ended the EP with the correct songs. It starts you off and makes you want to listen more as the first song just gets stuck in your head and the final song leaves you wanting a full length album from them. It is great dance music as it is upbeat and has a nice groovy vibe to it making it swell for anytime listening.



Review by Rae Wade