Barren Womb – ‘The Sun’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken’ (Review)

barrenwomb cover

Norwegian noise punk aimed at your face exists. News to me. But then The Sun’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken, is full of revelations (including that one). Noise punk often feels directionless and without purpose (Ghost Of The Avalanche’s 2013 release still gives me nightmares). It’s undirected anger on a recording and then sold for an exuberant price. Barren Womb miss some of the directionless, aimless, pointless anger but not all of it (and when there’s 13 tracks they had a while to get it right). Fact in point “Only Rain Man Doesn’t Change.” Scream, scream, thrash, thrash, thrash.

The killer is that songs like “Nábrók” get lost in the noise of rest of the album. They’re swept up in what’s like having waves crash down on your head continuously. “Zombies Never Go Out Of Style” deserves its own fair trial. The slower introduction and (holy hell) vocal melody are foreign concepts to songs like “Kill Hicks.” On the heavier side “Assmasters of Reality” has a formidable groove and rises up alongside “Nexus Diplomis” to stand out above the rest.

Ultimately, if incoherent noise punk, that sounds more like white noise than music, is your gig – this album will not disappoint and yes, it’s the type of music you can destroy things to.

If noise punk is new to you run. Run screaming in the other direction.


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Review by Sebastian Mackay