A Day To Remember’s Self-Help Festival feat: letlive., The Story So Far, Bring Me The Horizon & More (Live Review)


19 bands gathered together on Saturday March 22nd at the NOS Center In San Bernardino to play at The Self Help Festival, to create awareness on the importance of this genre of music and how it helps other people. It was a special day with over 12,000 people in attendance to enjoy alternative, rock, and metal music. A few special moments from the day were letlive.’s set when frontman Jason Butler mentions “We’ve been on the road for two months but when we come back to LA, we knows what’s up. This is a huge fucking room. I want to see it move.”

Front man Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire explained, “There is something special about this festival and what everyone believes in. We all come together today because we are family. I want you all to not worry about anything and just enjoy the next song.” During of Mice & Men’s set singer Austin Carlile tells the swaying crowd, “You are not alone. Don’t let the world bring you down.” It’s shout-outs like that, that reminded everyone there why the day was so important and how music really does help and inspire people. Thank you, A Day To Remember for helping create such a positive message.


Review & Photos by: Kate Cordova