The Decade Tour: Alesana’s Celebration of Ten Years as a Band (Live Review)

Megosh Promo February 2014


Nothing beats a talented four person band. The simplicity of just four members playing together resurrects images of The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin and many other legendary bands who owned the stage with grace, raw talent, and a lot of rocking and rolling. Megosh puts on a wonderful show, both their vintage style and groovy edginess gives audiences an enticing performance.

Although they currently open for The Decade Tour, where their good old Rock n Roll may not fit in perfectly, Megosh impresses the crowd. Lead vocalist Josh, who has an uncanny resemblance to Jack Black, has a voice like honey. His soothing vocals sound impeccable live, a feat from which many vocalist fall short. Unlike many of the bands on The Decade Tour, Megosh uses no party tricks to enhance their performance. The four guys from Baltimore merely play their hearts out and get the crowd grooving along with them: an impressive accomplishment for a hard to please Los Angeles crowd who came to hear blood curdling screams and mosh to rowdy breakdowns.

Megosh brings the lost art of Rock and Roll back to a hollow scene of labels and unreachable expectations. Seeing them live should definitely be a goal of 2014 for any music lover.




The lights dimmed. The tired crowd beamed with new life and began chanting “Alesana” over and over with growing intensity. In the midst of the boisterous chants came a booming sound from the speakers: a quintessential Alesana intro featuring a crescendo of drums, violins, and indiscernible voices. Five members took the stage, each one taking his respective instrument. The crowd welcomed their presence with deafening cries which overpower the music blasting from the speakers. The energy in the Glass House became overwhelming – and right when the flickering lights, looming back track and anxious crowd seemed to peak – the sixth and final member, screamer Dennis Lee, took the stage. With that, Alesana’s performance began. For the next hour, the room belonged to those six men, and the crowd enjoyed every minute of it.

At the Glass House in Pomona, CA on March 21, Alesana took the stage, as always, with looming charm. With an incredibly long list of fan favorites, the setlist to celebrate ten years of music proves an important aspect of the performance. Playing songs from On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax (2006), Where Myth Fades to Legend (2008), The Emptiness (2010), A Place Where the Sun is Silent (2011), and The Decade EP (2014), the band gave everyone in the audience a show to remember. Whether one has stood by them since even before Frail Wings or one only recently discovered the haunting allure of the band, everyone had a good time. Believe me, when “Congratulations, I Hate You” started playing, I felt a surge of adolescent energy erupt from the band, from myself, and from everyone around me.

Despite a few member changes, the past ten years have produced five full-length albums, two EPs, and a cult-like following, coined the “Alesana Army.” The six piece from Raleigh, North Carolina has also enjoyed world-wide tours, a huge Asian and South American fan base, and like many other bands who wear skinny jeans, a slew of highly dedicated screaming fangirls as far as the eye can see.

Alesana’s vast discography has naturally and noticeably matured over their decade together. As time went on, they wore less eyeliner, their hair got shorter, and their music became more intricate and somehow even more dramatic. Their live performances have always been, for ten years, insane. Each of the six members of the band, no matter how intoxicated, gives all of his energy to each performance. The always exciting synchronized jumping accompanied by guitar and bass flips, flying drum sticks, and humorous antics from beer bellied screamer Dennis Lee, have never lost their muster. Lee’s facial expressions alone could carry the show, and in ten years, he only seems to become more and more animated. On top of these tricks, the theatrics of an Alesana concert have always stood out. The intros – The lights – The interludes – The stage dives – The ricocheting vocals. Every carefully planned and passionately executed aspect of the performance leaves audiences with chills, begging for more. If nothing else, the boys put on quite the show.

With more energy than kids half their age and with less than half of the wear and tear one goes through after a decade of grueling tours and sleeping in vans, Alesana still owns the stage with intense ferocity. If you missed The Decade Tour, make sure not to miss Alesana next time they grace your city.


Review by Alice Carson

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