The Bunny The Bear – Acoustic EP (Review)

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THE BUNNY THE BEAR duo that consists of Matthew Tybor, “The Bunny,” (Vocals) and Chris Hutka, “The Bear,” (Vocals) will be releasing an Acoustic EP out on March 18th, 2014 via Victory Records. The Acoustic EP will consist of 4 tracks. The duo joined forces back in 2008 and was signed to Victory Records in 2011. They have had a loyal fan base ever since. This 4 track release will be matched up to a full album release titled, Food Chain, that will be out on the same date.

This EP is a very different sound compared to what this duo usually releases, and I find that to be a very positive thing. This is a nice change up in sound for the band. This is an album that you can listen to peacefully in any setting. The first track is titled, “When You’re Alone,” and it is a strong opening track. It is accompanied by orchestral strings, a piano and an acoustic guitar with the over lay Tybor and Hutka’s voices. The strings are what make this song. The lyrics to this song are comforting. They sing, “I’ll find a way to bring colors back from gray.” Another strong track on the EP is titled, “Angel Requiem,” and it closes out the EP. The acoustic guitar carries the vocals throughout this song. At the end of the song, the orchestral strings appear again with a shaker. The ironic thing about this piece is the harsh lyrics that are combined with a beautiful composition, and some how it just works.

If you are digging this Acoustic EP make sure to head over to their merchandise store (link provided below) to pre-order to album and check the available pre-order bundles. The EP will be released form Victory Records on March 18th, 2014. The group is out on tour through the end of March, so if they are heading to a city near you make sure to check them out! Dates can be found on their website (link below).




Review by Emily Bowman