Rebel Revive – ‘XI’ (Review)


Music runs through the blood of Matthew Lindblad, lead vocalist of Orange County born pop-punk band, Rebel Revive. Lindblad’s range of musical talent, displayed by his unbelievable ability to play numerous instruments weaving in and out of numerous genres, has brought him from being guitarist of New Years Day to being the face of Revel Revive. He has single handedly created a catchy EP entitled XI (Eleven). The six song EP, fully recorded by Lindblad, contains an incredible amount of heart and an unmatched level of energy. The pop-punk scene needs more bands like Rebel Revive, whose lyrics give an uplifting and light hearted message.

The EP starts with a pop-punk anthem. “The Voices” has the catchiness and spark of any great pop-punk song, whether it comes from unsigned local bands or big names like Fall Out Boy. “The Voices” has fun gang vocals and a tune that will absolutely stick in your head for days. Contrasting with that, the ending track, “Nameless Faces,” has a darkness to it which Lindblad’s voice compliments seamlessly. His vocals have a soothing rasp that blend well the poppy songs or the edgier ones. Lindblad also has a few screams sprinkled throughout the EP that leave the listener begging for more.

The majority of the six songs have a grungy guitar riff or two that really step up Rebel Revive’s sound. The darker, more dissonant songs, make the EP more reputable and add more clout to XI that prove that it is more than just another pop punk band.

All in all, XI offers listeners a mix of get up and dance pop punk and get up and mosh punk rock.


Review by Alice Carson