Nai Harvest – ‘Hold Open My Head’ EP (Review)

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The four-track EP from Nai Harvest brings back slightly unclean but nonetheless enjoyable memories of the grunge era. The dissonance in the music mixed with the tone in the vocals creates an indulgence that no 90s fan could resist.

The opening note of the opening song entitled “Rush” sets the grungy stage for the EP. The song lulls you back and forth, it relaxes you, and it almost makes you want to grab a beer. The song has very Nirvana feel to it, one that seems natural. The other three tracks offer a lot of similar feelings and moments of reminiscence to the dirty grunge days, but they also have unique aspects that stray from the 90s sound. The EP overall also contains whispers of indie experimental style, which balances nicely with the vibe set in place by “Rush.”

The vocals throughout Hold Open My Head have a really nice rasp to them. With a few pockets of strained yelling thrown adequately into the mix, the EP has incredibly solid vocal performance. The drums in the EP are playful while still staying true to the indie-grunge-punk style of the 90s. They have an edge to them, but they never get out of hand. The music does not particularly stand out as anything incredible or groundbreaking, but all together, Nai Harvest has created an EP that holds itself together with unbreakable crazy glue. Hold Open My Head is a terribly good EP that you will not regret purchasing.


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Review by Alice Carson