Must See Bands at SXSW 2014

The music beast that is South By Southwest is here! It’s a week where there are so many bands to see and BBQ to eat. It’s unlike any other music conference/ festival on the planet. There are thousands of bands who travel out to Austin, Texas ranging from all different genres and popularity to help celebrate and showcase their music. Because there is so much to see and do as a concert goer, you must prepare yourself with a list of must see acts, so you don’t miss them! I’ve been preparing for this week for a while now and am so excited to finally see the bands I’ve been spinning in my SXSW Spotify playlist come to life in front of me. Here is a list of my must see bands for the week.


1. Dear Boy – From Los Angeles, CA. Singer Ben Grey has an infectious voice backed by experimental indie rock, you’ll be dancing along to them by the end of their set. Catch them on Wednesday March 12th at the BMI Showcase at Bar 96 on Rainey Street


2. The Story So Far – From Walnut Creek, CA. These dudes have been blowing up over the past few years and I’ve never had a chance to catch them. Excited to see them play at the Equal Vision & Pure Noise Records party Thursday March 13th at G-Pen Annex party at 6th & Red River Street.


3. The Night Terrors Of 1927 –   From Los Angeles, CA. Heard about this band through a friend who works with them and haven’t stopped spinning their EP ‘Guilty Pleas’ since then. Check them out at Austin Party Weekend on Thursday March 13th at 2:30PM at Empire Control Room- 606 E 7th Street
4. Fucked Up – From Toronto, Ontario. Get your punk fix at sxsw by stopping by one of their showcases. I’ve been listening to this band for a few years now and have never had a chance to see them live. So excited to see all the elements that makes up this band come to life. Watch them Thursday March 14th at Stereogums House Of Vans at The Mohawk at 912 Red River Street.


5. Against Me – From Gainesville, Florida. I’m thrilled to finally see front women Laura Jane Grace take the stage and hear new songs off their new 2014 record ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues”. Enjoy them at The Hype Hotel on Wednesday March 12th located at 505 East 7th street.

6. Empires – From Chicago, IL. This indie rock band have been busy crafting up a new record set to release in 2014. Hopefully they will play a song or two off the yet to be released album. Catch them at Reggies Showcase on Friday March 14th at The Lodge on 411 E 6th Street.

7. Arkells – From Hamilton, Canada – What’s not to love about the Arkells. I was first introduced to this indie pop rock band while they were touring with The Maine two years ago and have loved them ever since. You’ll be sorry if you miss this band. Sing along at Lucilles on Wednesday March 12th at 77 Rainey St.


8. The 1975 – From Manchester, England. I’m 90% sure you are familiar with this band, especially with their singles ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Sex’ featured every where you go.  Let’s dance together at their set at Universal Music Group showcase at Palm Door on 508 E 6th street.


9. G- Eazy – From Oakland, CA. Get your hip hop grooves from G. He makes the women want him and the men want to be him. He’s got a way with rhythm and style that is sure to make you swing your hips. Catch him perform at the Spotify House on Thursday March 13th at 901 E 6th street.


What bands do you want to see? Have you even been to SXSW before?