Fireworks – ‘Oh, Common Life’ (Review)



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Oh, Common Life is Fireworks’ unpredictable follow up to 2011’s Gospel. Oh, Common Life shows a marked difference in Fireworks’ songwriting, both musically and lyrically. While some tracks are nostalgic of Gospel (“Bed Sores,” “The Only Thing That Haunts This House is Me,” “Files on Tape”) many of the tracks venture into a more alternative rock sound.

The first song released from the record, “Glowing Crosses,” is a perfect example of the divergence and growth displayed on the entirety of Oh, Common Life. Similar to “Glowing Crosses,” other tracks (“Run Brother Run,” “One More Creature Dizzy With Love”) display a rock/folk style previously uncharted by Fireworks, proving they aren’t afraid to step out of their pop-punk comfort zone. The album presents tracks filled with dark, heavy themes that could be easily concealed by the upbeat tempo of the album, if you aren’t paying close attention.

Oh, Common Life is undoubtedly Fireworks’ most honest and candid release to date. Many songs focus on the death of a parent and other loved ones, and the lyricism leaves you feeling empathic of that pain. With this album, Fireworks took a huge, confident step forward by writing earnest and interesting songs that break the mold of their genre counterparts.


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Oh, Common Life is available March 25.

Review by Amanda Burd