EXCLUSIVE: The Used frontman Bert McCracken on having his daughter influence ‘Imaginary Enemy’


Last week at SXSW I got to catch up with the front man of The Used, Bert McCracken. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing the new record, Imaginary Enemy, which comes out April 1 via Hopeless Records. I was so excited to pick Bert’s brain about the record and how he is a new father to a baby girl.


Substream Magazine: The opening track of the record “Revolution” is an incredibly strong track lyrically and in it you mention “Revolution starts with me.” What are some things you want to do/are currently doing to start the revolution. 

Bert McCracken: I’m staying up-to-date and informed with what’s going on in the world. I’m aware of where people rise up and I’m of a complete support of a kind of popular uprising of sorts. I think that things can change and it’s crazy that I’ve been taught my whole life that it’s impossible to change the world I live in. It’s crazy how little it takes to change the world I live in. People have the power.


SM: In “A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work In Progress)” is questioning a lot of things we do in this country. Is this what inspired your move to Australia? 

BM: No. I guarantee if anything happens in the US that’s big in a kind of a social movement. I would have to be back to help. Because I love the United States, I just don’t the policy and the bi-partisan nonsense and I don’t love the lies. It’s really corrupt and it’s a lot more corrupt than we might give it credit for. My wife is Australian and we lived in LA for 8 years and that was a pretty heavy sacrifice for her to be away from her family and so now it’s my turn to kind of sacrifice.



SM: I heard you are a new father and briefly mentioned it on the record. Congrats! How has life as a new father been for you. 

BM: Nobody can prepare you. Life changes.


SM: Has it had any influence on the record?

Yes. I want my daughter to grow up in a really, really good world. I want my daughter to have a chance to do anything she wants and to have the opportunity to believe anything she wants to believe, to do anything she wants to do, to achieve everything she could ever possibly want to achieve. So I will help her by setting up this world for that type of environment for her to grow up in and be apart of a life that cares about her and she cares about it in return.

Be sure to check out The Used on their North American tour with Taking Back Sunday this spring. Tour dates HERE. Pre-order Imaginary Enemy HERE.

Interview by Kate Cordova