Evolve Clothing Co.: Incorporating Passion, Inspiration, Dreams and Humility While Sticking to Their Roots (Company Profile)


California resident and Evolve Clothing Co. founder, Casey Richardson started his company as just an idea during his High School years. At first, he and his friends had begun making and selling shirts as a way to make money. A couple years later, he ended up working for another clothing line based out of Arizona, where he did photo, video, and design work, as well as work within their warehouse and on festivals such as Warped Tour. As that company took a turn for the worst, Richardson decided that it was about time that he worked on forming his own brand – leading to the creation of Evolve Clothing Co. in the spring of 2012.


The name, Evolve, was chosen from a list of about 100 one-word possibilities. Casey says that after a few opinions, a huge white board, and a week later, it was decided. He wanted a name that was easy to remember and most importantly, had depth – something that was more than just a short-term brand that was only in it for the money. He wanted longevity.

Having shipped to all 50 states and now over 30 countries, Casey’s brand has managed to make a name for itself in just the short amount of time that it has been around, and all with the help of his friend, and business partner, David Ruffell. With Casey working on the creative side of Evolve, and David on the business end, they have developed a partnership that is not only strong, but also innovative.


As they release their spring line, here is what Evolve had to say on what to expect from this new chapter of their brand: “This is the first collection that I’ve been able to focus entirely on the creative aspect of things, so I really got to channel everything I wanted to do from the start, and figure out how to make it happen. On top of that, we got to utilize new connections in LA for the first time, which allowed us to break into some really awesome cut-and-sew (completely custom measurements, fabrics, etc.) pieces, as well as a super cool dyed t-shirt. There will definitely be more of that for future lines. The possibilities are literally infinite, now. Overall, this was the most time we’ve ever put into a release, and I hope our customers see that. There’s so much attention to detail this time around, it doesn’t even compare to anything else we’ve ever put out. As soon as we launched our winter collection, we started working on this line. Usually we cram it into 3-4 weeks, but we’re finally getting caught up which is rad! This collection was all about getting back to our roots; the morals that the company was built on. You’ll see some graphics that incorporate hard work, passion, inspiration, dreams, and staying humble. Even the cut-and-sew stuff somehow ties back to the concept of “roots” with our fabric choices. There’s a really cool Aztec/Mayan style tee we did that I think fits awesome, because it’s got that mysterious heritage vibe to it, while still being extremely bold and fashion forward.”

As they set to release this new line, they have also been working on a list of boutiques and retailers to pitch the brand to. Not only that, but they are also in the works of introducing their new wholesale program. Right as the company seems to be creating new goals, they turn around and outgrow them. Evolve Clothing Co. is definitely a brand that customers need to continue to keep their eyes pealed for.




By Baylee Sowter