Demon Hunter – ‘Extremist’ (Review)

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For the past decade, Demon Hunter has been known for their vivid style of metalcore and heart-on-sleeve storytelling. On their seventh full-length, Extremist, they’ve revitalized their identity. The aptly-put “doom element” is stronger than ever, and it complements the brawns of tracks like “Death” and “What I’m Not” masterfully. Throughout the album, guitars slice and dice, and melodies feel brash and compact. Ryan Clark’s cleans haven’t sounded better; his vocal expertise allows for some fluctuation in the writing department. With their ever-increasing chemistry as a unit, the quintet is able to toy with vibes as well. Acoustic guitars and chilling imagery enhancing the impact of “Heart Of A Graveyard” and “I Will Fail You.” Extremist is not a separation from what this band was in the past; instead, it’s a rejuvenated shell that overcomes the group’s weaknesses and brings a new found light in an era of darkness.


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Extremist is available March 18, 2014. 


Review by Tim Dodderidge