Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes – ‘Kid Tiger’ (Review)



To be honest, I don’t have much to say about this album, the very first track opens with a beautiful piano intro, and that’s pretty much what you can expect from the rest of the project: beauty.

A retro indie-rock compilation with some obvious Do-wop influence. Singer, Daniel Ellsworth adds his name to the bin of best high-pitched male vocalists in the indie world.  He’s like a smoother Foals meets Young the Giant.

My personal favorite track, Fit and Starts is a progressive rock journey highlighting these vocals tremendously. Definitely check out Sun Goes Out, this song is sure to be their dance hit, up tempo and synth-y at points. Oddly enough, the album sounds a bit under produced, but there is something almost redeeming in that, maybe what they were going for. I personally can’t wait to check out a live performance.





Review by Tanya Traner