Comeback Kid – ‘Die Knowing’ (Review)


What was originally supposed to be a side-project for the guys in Comeback Kid has turned into one of the most well known punk-hardcore bands in the scene today. Die Knowing, the band’s fifth album to date, is a sensational release from a band that has clearly found a sound that works incredibly well for them.

Songs like “Should Know Better,” which is easily the best on the record, show heavy influences from 90s punk while still maintaining the band’s heavy barrage of hardcore. Andrew Neufeld’s vocals are tinged with emotion more than ever before, which is complimented well by the gang vocals sprinkled throughout the record. “Somewhere in This Miserable” is highlighted by the instrumental syncopation and urgent vocals of Neufeld, and is another bright spot on the record.

Lyrically the album is a wake up call and a call-to-action for listeners. On the title track Neufeld says, “Die knowing that you gave you nothing less.” He calls us to “expect more, embrace more,” on “Unconditional,” and on “Should Know Better” he discusses a realization we’ve all had at one point or another, “Backed up in a corner, now I’m stuck because I should know better.”

Comeback Kid’s last record, Symptoms + Cures, was a beauty of a record, but Die Knowing takes the best parts of that album and improves on them. The guys in Comeback Kid have found their sound and they know how to effectively communicate their message. Whereas Symptoms + Cures was a bit more melodic, Die Knowing leans more towards the punk side. There was no doubt before that Comeback Kid should be on every hardcore fan’s playlist, but this record solidifies their dominance in today’s hardcore scene.


Die Knowing is available March 4 via Victory Records.


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Review by Jonathan Kemp