Biblical – ‘Monsoon Season’ (Review)

Biblical cover

Biblical have a come up with a collection of songs that are partly “what the hell am I listening to?” and equally drizzled with charming finesse. Monsoon Season is the perfect length of six tracks that instead of giving a feel for Biblical, it gives a great sense of their dynamic, what they’re capable of, and does it all without feeling too long. Timing isn’t everything but it is important. If an album is too long by the end of it it’s easy to lose interest and any feeling of “newness” evaporates. Biblical are the reverse. Monsoon Season is a complete experience with driving guitars and wicked vocal hooks and an eerie sense of otherworldliness. With Monsoon Season you’re taken on a journey to places new listeners wouldn’t expect and the destination is brilliant. / / @BiblicalBand

Out March 11 on New Damage Records


Reviewed by Sebastian Mackay