Bayside Captivates Hollywood House Of Blues Sold Out Crowd 3/21 (Live Photos & Review)


This past Friday night I headed over to Hollywood’s House Of Blues to witness Bayside put on a show to a rowdy sold-out crowd.  I was waiting in the photo pit for the band to take the stage and the security guard comes over to me and says “Be care during this next band, it’s suppose to get pretty crazy in here.” In other words, look at out for crowd surfers. Luckily for me it wasn’t my first rodeo with crowd surfers crashing in the photo pit, so I just kept an extra careful look at my surroundings while capturing photos.

Bayside graces the crowd with a warm welcome “How’s it going tonight Hollywood?” by the crowd’s response you can feel the reckless and passionate energy in the room. Front man, Anthony Raneri continues on with a “Who’s seen us here during our 14 years?” The whole crowd screams and then he asks the question of who are the newbies, in which quite a few hands are raised. I don’t blame the fans for joining the Bayside party 14 years later, their new record Cult is incredible and is bound to grab new fans who have never listened previously.

The band plays through ten tracks, including some of my favorites “Already Gone,” “We’ll be O.K.,” and then goes into acoustic sing-along “Don’t Call me Peanut.” Before starting the song Raneri explains, “Let’s take a break from the cardio & let’s just sing,” in which they perform the acoustic song beautifully. The guitar breakdown during the bridge was played flawlessly with a standing ovation from the crowd at the end. I could have watched an acoustic set of the band for hours.

As the night comes to an end after performing a twenty song set list, bassist Nick Ghanbarian tells the crowd “You’re being really, really good to us tonight so were going to be really good to you. If you haven’t noticed we’ve played a couple songs off our new record Cult. I’ve seen a few people singing along to it.” And indeed the crowd was. Bayside can do no wrong, great people, relatable lyrics, creative instrumentals and longevity in a respected band. Cheers to 14 more years. Be sure to catch them in a city near you. Tour dates HERE.


Written & Photographed by: Kate Cordova