Architects UK – ‘Lost Together, Lost Forever’ (Review)


Metalcore isn’t dead, at least that’s what Architects UK wants you to think. The four piece hailing from Brighton, England and now signed to Epitaph Records have put out a pretty decent album in their sixth studio release, Lost Together, Lost Forever. Lead singer, Sam Carter has the perfect coarse voice for a screamer and displays that quite well, but he should stick to that. The melodies so often used to counteract and give the lead a break sound forced and unnatural. In the “Devil is Near” he also attempts spoken word. Without a lot of power and emotion behind it, this trick can simply sound cheesy in a song. Definitely check out “Dead Man Talking.” Instrumentally provocative, I think this is their stand-out track on the record.

Architects doesn’t disappoint on a good break down. They have a great lead up and a strong sound in every song that will get you moving during their live performance. I think one thing that could have really helped the album was a little more experimentation, the work as a whole is quite one dimensional, meaning to an untrained ear a lot of the songs sound very much alike and seem to use the same tricks (light, echoed and airy intros, etc.) All in all though, their fans are going to get exactly what they were looking for. Something they can dance to in the pit, so it is definitely a success in that regard.


Lost Together, Lost Forever is available March 11 via Epitaph Records. / /


Review by Tanya Traner