Wolves Like Us – ‘Black Soul Choir’ (Review)

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Black Soul Choir is a dynamic rock album that shivers and shakes with infectious beats and groove. The lyrics are vivid and thoughtful (“how did we lose the good in us?/what’s keeping you from reaching out?/my bones are sick from lack of room”) and Larsh Kristensen’s vocals have a rough and intriguing quality that come from a clearly passionate man.

On the whole, it’s a dark album with flashes of light (lyrically and musically) and a catchy vocal line. “We Were Blood” has a terrific tempo change that sees all stripped away except a building drum beat. Above the beat the lines “it’s been years/but we don’t speak” until it explodes into the songs mammoth ending and final chorus.

“Thanatos Wins Again” is slower and more sludge like. It crawls ever forward, slow and heavy moving into the first verse. Kristensen’s vocals follow the music, darker, slower, creating a thick atmosphere that’s more than a little despairing.

“Lovescared” is a beautiful and emotive acoustic track. It’s one of the gems on this album and works perfectly to break up the album as well as showcase a different side of Wolves Like Us. It gives center stage to the lyricism and also explicitly to the tenderness that comes across in other tracks.

This album explores every inch of Wolves Like Us’ musical repertoire at this point in their career (it’s their second release and not one to be overlooked). From ‘I Don’t Need To Be Forgiven’ with its Green Day-esque opening drum beat to ‘Dig With Your Hands’ out right rock vibe with a touch of self pity. This album is statement and will have you banging your head.



Black Soul Choir is available in the US on March 4 via Prosthetic Records.



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Reviewed By Sebastian Mackay