With Beating Hearts (Colleen D’Agostino of The Material) – ‘The Wolves’ EP (Review)

With Beating Hearts The Wolves Artwork

The fun little EP, The Wolves, from songwriter Colleen D’Agostino gives listeners the perfect soundtrack to a Friday night spent getting dolled up, going out with friends, and dancing the night away. Quite angelic, the soothing vocals give the tracks a nice, mystifying feeling. Though the vocals sound appealing, they do not completely impress fans of more powerful female vocal performances. D’Agostino’s voice compares to those of Selena Gomez or Lana del Rey. Basically, they sound nice with the poppy electronics but they do not hold their own compared to pop divas whose pipes bring down the house.

The Wolves sounds fantastic. Produced by musical master Blake Harnage, the EP has a very balanced sound – nothing seems inappropriately mixed. Harnage, one half of VERSA, has grown exponentially as a producer and musician. His touch, both gentle and alluring, can be felt throughout the EP. The songs combine club-worthy beats and trance-like moments to create a very alien vibe. This vibe can be found throughout Harnage’s work, and it sets The Wolves apart from other electronic albums.

The four track EP offers 16 minutes of aesthetic bliss in which one can get lost and forget about the worries of everyday life.