William Fitzsimmons – ‘Lions’ (Review)


William Fitzsimmons’ newest release, Lions is many things. 1. It’s vocally beautiful. Fitzsimmons’ voice, breathy and throaty, reminds me of Gary Lightbody meets Whitley, even more reminiscent of Whitley in his strumming style, very acoustic and picky. 2. It’s emotional. You can tell that Fitzsimmons has been through something and is trying to let you in a bit, take you on a journey. 3. It’s great background music. I could easily get a ton of work done at a little local coffee shop or in the comfort of my own home. 4. It’s instrumentally beautiful, featuring some great picking, nice violin and other fullness of acoustic songs with a full backing. But is it a great record? Sort of. The only real criticism I have is that his songs are very one dimensional. Each and every song starts out and remains at about the same level of intensity. Each and every song seems to have the same energy level or general emotional calling of the last. If Fitzsimmons could work on switching that up, showing his audience that he really feels and believes in what he is singing, I think he would have something great on his hands.


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Lions is available everywhere February 18!

Review by Tanya Traner