Wayfarer – ‘The Albatross We Keep’ (Review)


Nik Piscitello is a singer-songwriter who is an ex-post-hardcore musician that has moved on to being his own one-man-band. This is due to him having a family and bills to pay and wanting something he could do to help pay those bills and support his family.

The new and upcoming EP The Albatross We Keep by Wayfarer has a really relaxed and mellow sound. It’s upbeat but not to any extreme. These songs are enjoyable and will stick in your head for hours or possibly even days, to weeks or longer. The lyrics have a sad sound to them as they seem to be realistic words strung together to make a beautiful sounding song. They include real life struggles and situations alike. It deals with what it’s like going into adulthood and simply what it’s like being an adult in this world.

I would say the song “Oh and On” is relatable to most people because it shows how some people find the bright side to life while others don’t or simply can’t, proving this with lyrics like “some sing praise and rejoice while others hold close this dark passenger” shows the good and bad sides to life as a reality that it actually is. Then around 3:30 the song begins a loud and upbeat instrumental with lyrics that just simply makes you happy inside before the song ends.

The songs on this EP are similar yet all send different messages to the listener. It’s a good EP to listen to no matter your mood as you can relate to it whether you are happy or sad or anywhere in between. I feel this is especially good to listen to as you are going into adulthood as you know you aren’t alone in the ways you are feeling lost, confused, happy, sad, excited, or really anything because Nik makes sure everyone can relate to his songs on this EP.


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The Albatross We Keep is available February 18.

Review by Rae Wade