The Overseer – ‘Rest & Let Go’ (Review)

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Since their career began, The Overseer has often been compared to the likes of Underoath, Thrice, and As Cities Burn. On their second full-length, Rest & Let Go, these influences truly take their place. While the group’s first record was a solid first step, this new set of songs is carving a bright and auspicious path for the quartet. Their hardcore interior is present, showing its face as pungent riffage in “Paper Thin Houses,” and demonstrating its malevolence as screams go hand-in-hand with melodies in “Finer Fiend.” With influences in their back pocket, the band also brings some unique elements to the table, whether it’s the keys on “Deluded,” the folk-rock undertones of “Death March,” or the drum pounds and hand-claps of worship-like closer “Depraved.” The Overseer shows signs of life in the post-Underoath era of heavy music with Rest & Let Go.


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Rest & Let Go is available March 4, 2014.


Review by Tim Dodderidge