The 8123 Single Series Launches with Collaboration Featuring Nick Santino


The 8123 Single Series, brainchild of The Maine’s drummer Pat Kirch, launched today in the form of Nick Santino’s new song, Long Way Home. “The idea of doing an 8123 single series came very naturally,” Kirch explains. ”We wanted to be able to play around with some collaborations and yet still be able to release the music for fans to hear.”

The song, co-written by John O’Callaghan and produced by Pat Kirch was recorded in the 8123 studios independently in Arizona. The bass line on Long Way Home is credited to another member of The Maine, Garrett Nickelsen. He’s also responsible for the behind the scenes photos of the process, leading to the single’s artwork. “All the pieces [of the collaboration] were already there so I thought it would be nice to make it a series and continue making music with our friends,” says Kirch on the birth of the The 8123 Single Series.

Long Way Home, released worldwide digitally today, is the first in these collaborative efforts. Fans also have the opportunity to purchase a physical copy in the form of a limited edition 7-inch. Aside from it’s collectible merit, the 7-inch contains a bonus track; a cover by Nick Santino of a song originally by The Maine.

As for future plans for the series? “We’re just going to continue making music in the studio with our friends when we are all in town,” Kirch continues. This freedom comes with the independence of working without the limitations of the label, something that fans can expect to make this series unpredictable and exciting. Long Way Home marks the official start of The 8123 Single Series.


Long Way Home is now available on iTunes


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