Rescue Kid Announce New EP ft. Jordan of The Ready Set


The South Florida clan, Rescue Kid, are set to release their dynamic EP Re-Ignite March 25, 2013. Re-Ignite is packaged with 6 original tunes from their April 2013 release Ignite, 1 new track titled “Beneath The Li(e)lac Tree,” and 3 acoustic tracks “Secrets,” “The Distance,” and “Make You Mine” featuring Jordan of The Ready Set. Fans can tune in to The Gunz Show March 2nd to hear an exclusive sneak preview of “Make You Mine” acoustic and “Beneath The Li(e)lac Tree” plus an exclusive interview with Rescue Kid and Jordan of The Ready Set.


Re-Ignite Tracklisting: 

1. Illuminate Ignite

2. Make You Mine

3. The Distance

4. Pieces (My Everything)

5. Secrets

6. Fade Away

7. Beneath The Li(e)lac Tree

8. Make You Mine (Acoustic, featuring Jordan of The Ready Set)

9. Secrets (Acoustic)

10. The Distance (Acoustic)


In December 2013, Rescue Kid paired up with Artist Direct to release their first music video for single “Make You Mine.”


Gentile tells the story behind “Make You Mine”

“Make You Mine was part of a batch of demo’s that I brought to the table when we began writing for Ignite. All of the guys were really into the structure and musical vibe of the song, so it was one of the first songs we finished musically for the EP. Lyrically and Melodically, Armando wasn’t really feeling make you mine at first. he couldn’t come up with anything he liked, and thought the song was a little too pop. Armando works best in the studio while recording, so he had put off writing to MYM for mainly that reason. Fast forward to recording ignite. It was our last day in the studio, the rest of the guys had left. it was just armando and myself with our producer brooks. Armando had been recording vocals for 3 days straight, and his voice was shot. We realized we hadn’t written or recorded any lyrics or melodies for MYM and had to get it all done that night… with armando’s voice gone. Armando and I panicked; Brooks our producer suggested Whiskey to sooth armando’s vocal cords. As we started drinking the ideas just started flowing, and Armando was able to sing all of the vocals that night. The group vocals and random conversation during the bridge were done at like 2 am, as an after thought while listening back to the rough mix of the song. If you listen to the song, Armando’s voice sounds a little different on that song, because of the condition his vocals were in while recording it. MYM ended up being one of our favorites on Ignite.” 



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