My Sweet Fall – ‘Cheap Therapy’ (Review)


The unsigned pop-punk band, My Sweet Fall, of Indianapolis, Indiana released their first full album titled Cheap Therapy on February 21st. The full length album features 12 tracks. My Sweet Fall was formed in 2011 and consists of Nick Long (vocals), Jake Carroll (guitar/vocals), Josh Hall (drums), Aaron Lindauer (bass/vocals), and Zach Carroll (guitar/vocals).

If you love a classic pop-punk album, then this album is for you. It sounds just like any other pop-punk album that has already been released or will be in the next couple of years. Little guitar riffs, quick drums with a pop voice singing about past loves and other struggles paired with gang vocals in the background. The perfect equation for every pop-punk album. Even with that said, this full album release will hopefully still help set apart this band from others that are trying to break into this scene of music and help push My Sweet Fall’s career forward.

The recording is clean and clear, and that is something that many other bands that are just starting in this genre can say. One of the strongest tracks on this album is titled, “Black is the Ultimate.” Cheap Therapy is an album that any listener would have no problem listening to straight through. My Sweet Fall did a great job with mixing pop melodies with an alternative sound. The instruments sound great through every song. Having stronger and more confident vocals would have been nice though. A couple of other strong tracks that are worth checking out are, “If You Ride Like Lightning, You’re Gonna Crash Like Thunder,” (classic Fall Out Boy style title) “You Should See the Other Guy,” and the closing track, “Cheap Therapy.” A track titled, “Black Eclipses Everything,” is joined by a piano and an unnamed female vocalist and it meshes so well with the rest of the album. This is a strong album for My Sweet Fall and it is recommended that you spend sometime listening to this record.

Make sure to look out for the this band in the future, because I have feeling we will be hearing much more from them.



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Review by Emily Bowman