Mime Game: Midwest Takeover (Interview)

Mime Game

Recently featured on Guitar World for the official release of their new music video for the track “Do You,” Mime Game is a four-piece alternative band based out of Kansas City, MO that has already taking this new year by storm. Substream was able to catch up with guitarist and lead vocalist, Dillon DeVoe about what it is like to be an up and coming band from the Midwest and what lies ahead for them in the future.


Substream Magazine: What has it been like so far being an up-and-coming band based out of the Midwest? 

Dillon DeVoe: It’s awesome and I’ve actually been really loving it for a long time. I have a copy of Substream Issue #10 in which you guys did a tour diary (pg. 36) with my old band, Josephine Collective, and it’s sitting on my coffee table at home right now. I’ve been plugging away under the radar and mostly based out of the Midwest for a long time. We get a lot of love out here and the scene is really great. Our friends and family are all so supportive of this process and we really feel at home and loved here. The only thing that we don’t like is the snow, but it keeps us strong and on our toes and not mushy.


SM: You guys did a nice little east coast run towards the end of this last year, how was that?

DD: It. Was. Amazing. We all had such a good time. No one really had any idea what was going to happen because our relationships within this band were so new. We played some incredible shows from Harlem, NYC to Wilmington, NC to Baton Rouge, and every last night was an amazing adventure.


SM: You are also on the bill for Middle Of The Map Fest along with bands such as The Get Up Kids, Of Montreal, and Why? – what was the overall initial reaction when you first found out about this opportunity?

DD: We couldn’t be more excited. The Record Machine and Midwest Music Foundation are really awesome and competent fixtures in the Kansas City music scene and when they pick you to be a part of their shindigs, it’s always going to be a good time. I will say, when I found out that of Montreal was also playing, I geeked. I love those guys so much that I’m probably gonna cry tears of joy while they’re playing. I also can’t wait to see The Get Up Kids and I can’t wait to rock some faces off on our own. Also, Del the Funky Homosapien? You absolutely cannot go wrong with this line-up.


SM: The music video for “Do You” has been out for a couple weeks now – What has been the majority response to it so far?

DD: I think that people really liked it. We went with an honest portrayal of our band, in lieu of theatrics, and I think people really responded to that. I mean, they could see our faces and they weren’t obscured by an acid trip worth of visuals! It was cool to just be ourselves in front of the camera and showcase our energy and personalities. We love it and we hope that other people did too.


SM: What was it like filming for the video? Did you guys have an idea of how you wanted it to look before the actual shoot?

DD: We knew we were going to take a huge soundstage and play with some camera tricks to get some cool footage and we knew that we weren’t going to be too flashy. The whole idea was to “cause and effect” the whole thing out. For example, “well we’ve got this really cool track set up that’s gonna take you through some cool lighting situations, while we pull you back and forth on a moving platform, while you rock out so let’s just go for it and see what happens.” It took some sturdy legs…but I’m still kicking, haha. That was the kind of vibe the whole time: ‘let’s confidently experiment within our limits and get something that’s really fun and honest’ and I think that’s exactly what we did. Outpost Worldwide really hooked it up throughout the whole process and Chris Durr is our friend so working with him was a blast. Also, we shot it with a RED camera so you can really see how ugly I am in graphic detail. 😉


SM: This last October, you guys put out the EP, Do Your Work, how was the recording process for that?

DD: Rick Parker is a genius and he’s OG so he gets a lot of respect from our unit. He’s a part of the family in my mind. He was actually in a band that John Feldmann (Goldfinger, The Used, Josephine Collective) used to go watch back in the day when they were all “kids,” so Rick has been on the scene for a hot minute. All of this translates into him being the kind of guy who is absolutely no nonsense, but more relaxed than any other human could ever get and also a master at allowing the perfect details to unfold outward from within the artist without choking off the creative process or even altering it negatively in any way. In short, it was incredible. Rick’s even recording the guitarist from the Foo Fighters’ side project right now (hint hint) so we’re in really good hands.


SM: How do you feel that this new EP has helped you take the next step as a band?

DD: I think it did just what Rick said it would do before we dove into our recording process. It’s helped us strengthen ourselves and “continue on our rock and roll adventure.” He’s kinda like our Sherpa, dude. Haha


SM: What is your favorite track from the new EP/your favorite song to play live?

DD: My favorite track is probably “Do You” which is the one we did the video to, just because it’s so damn energetic. Every time we play it, it makes me shake and every time I listen to it in the car I cannot stop dancing.


SM: Do you have any big touring plans in the works for the summer?

DD: Funny you should ask that. If you flip to the next page of that Substream Issue #10 (page 38) you’ll see Play Radio Play on there and it’s looking like we might be touring with Analog Rebellion. I don’t really know Daniel Hunter that well yet but it seems like we’ve had some similarities in our paths and I’m sure the shows will be incredibly memorable if we end up setting this tour in stone.


SM: What city do you find gives the best response during shows?

DD: Kansas City, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, NYC. We had incredible success on this tour in Chattanooga, TN thanks to Behold the Brave. Honestly, if we can get in front of any amount of people, we will make them dance. We physically refuse to accept you not having fun during one of our sets.


SM: What kind of goals would you like to see Mime Game to achieve by the end of 2014?

DD: We want a label that we feel 100% with and to round out our team and smooth out all the edges. We really love this and we want to make an impact as well as making it as sustainable as possible. I know we want to play festivals and most importantly, we really have to finish up our album. I really wish I could spill details right now about where we’ll be recording but I just can’t yet. All I can say is Rick Parker (rickparkerproductions.com) has some really cool friends. I also know that Duncan will be producing and working on his rap album, I’m working on a solo project as well, and we’ve got a lot of plans that are parallels to this band, as well as tangents. Mime Game, as an entity, is more than just what Mime Game will do as a band, but those projects are a lot about us becoming better as musicians and stretching ourselves so that we can continue to bring you top quality live performances and recordings that you’ll love until the end of time.


DD: Thanks guys! We love Substream!



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Interview by Baylee Sowter