Loners Society – ‘King City Sessions’ (Review)


Stripped down to raw acoustic strumming, a harmonica, and some honest lyrics, indie rock trio, Loners Society, may not be redefining the rock n’ roll genre, but they are making a sincere contribution to it with the release of King City Sessions. In this live session, Matt Megrue’s vocals are just as compelling as the stories he tells in each track. Opener “LaGrange” unfolds the story of his childhood dreams up to his trifling college years, to the very moment he sits playing before the audience, with witty lyrics such as “I grew up in Henry County south of ATL, which I warmly regard as the screen door to hell,” and “I just lost my band, my innocence and my mind.” Each track refreshingly offers a different vibe; “All You Need Is Love,” is more of a somber ballad questioning the phrase itself, “Pinstripes” is devoted to the game of baseball, with uplifting chords and accompanying percussion, and “Autumn Breeze,” is a bluesy/rock jam about a meth cook from Tennessee, featuring a funky electric guitar solo that boils into an anxious crescendo in the last seconds of the album.  Down to basics and raw talent, King City Sessions is a charming listen from start to finish from a band that’s got a few good stories and a lot of soul.


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King City Sessions is available February 11.



Review By Jen Schwartz