Lionfight – ‘Lionfight’ EP (Review)



The band Lionfight is a quartet from Chicago and they tend to play their shows in the greater Chicago area. It consists of four guys now and was formed back in April 2013. With not even being out a year, they certainly have impacted the music scene greatly. They have a bunch of shows lined up and a tour as well.

They have a five (5) song EP out that’s self titled. It’s classified as ‘Nu Metal’ and it has a nice dark and heavy feel. I feel like anyone who enjoys the genre of metal music could totally rock out to this band. Their music is full of energy and excitement. It’s just a great sound overall in all five songs on their EP. By the sound of their music, it’s enjoyable and even so, you know it is great music because of their fan base. Each song has a relatively similar sound but you can tell that there are differences for each song which is nice so you can tell the songs apart. This also allows the songs not to blend together and make it seem like one long massive length song.

The band has some fantastic raw talent, especially for this genre of music. You can hear how well the bass, guitar, drums, and vocals all blend very well together for this genre of music. They rock hardcore with this sound, which is something most bands who want in on metal sounds simply cannot do. Overall, I enjoy this EP and simply cannot wait to hear more of what Lionfight has to bring to the world.



Download the EP for free here

Review by Rae Wade