Head North – ‘Scrapbook Minds’ EP (Review)





Buffalo, NY natives, Head North are set to release their third EP entitled Scrapbook Minds on February 18. It’s clear from the beginning that they’ve taken techniques from both their previous releases (Arrows and Arrows: Acoustic) when recording, as the first track is an acoustic gem by the name of “Brooklyn” that really touches the soul of its listener. Whether it’s the kind of song you listen to at 3AM, or one for those long winter drives, it’s a sweet, personal song that’s practically impossible to dislike.

The next track “Endeavors” reverts to what is expected from Head North, who are actually a pop-punk band. The rest of the EP follows in the same way, but the level of song-writing is still as incredible as in the opening track, and there’s that same sense of sentimentality that makes this record theirs. “Opener” is a typical song for the genre, but still a strong one which throws Head North up in to the same ranks as The Wonder Years and State Champs.

Overall Scrapbook Minds is a powerful, professional record that Head North’s ever-growing fanbase is certain to love. It’s only fault is that it’s not longer!


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Review by Madison Convey