Erik Michael Band: Making A Splash in the Christian Music Scene

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Erik Michael Band is a new up-and-coming Christian rock group that has recently made a splash in the Christian music scene with their popular single, “All Of Me.”

The band released their debut EP collection, All Of Me, on January 3. The new album features five energetic tracks, “All Of Me,” “Greater Is He,” “Our God Reigns,” “Follow You,” and “The Sound.”

“All Of Me” recently made it into the top 10 songs in the PraiseCharts’ Christian Song Competition (CSC) and has even made a couple of radio appearances since its release.  The final results of the PraiseCharts’ CSC are set to be announced in mid- March.

Erik Michael explained the inspiration behind his popular single, “All Of Me,” during a song story video posted on the band’s webpage. “This song kind of just came out of a time of brokenness in my life,” he said. “I just got out of college and was in that in-between period in life, that hallway period in life I guess you could say, and I wasn’t sure what God was doing or where He was taking me.”

After being let go from the job he was working at and preparing to search for work elsewhere, God threw an unexpected curveball into the mix. “I went to the ATM to get some money out to go put gas in my car and ‘Insufficient funds’ just kind of popped up on the screen,” Erik Michael said. “It all just hit me like a tidal wave, just the weight of it all and the feeling of emptiness and confusion, just not knowing what was going on.”

Erik Michael made his way back to his parents’ house, where he was living at the time, and simply fell down before God, broken and unsure where to go next. Suddenly, the answer hit him and he began to understand what it was that God needed him to do with his life. “I was like, ‘I get it. It’s only by Your love and Your grace that I have the ability to breathe, let alone do anything else. Just come and take me with all my pride and my sin and my failures and just somehow use it for Your kingdom’s glory,’” he said.

The chorus of the popular new single, “All Of Me,” states, “It’s Your love that’s rescued me. By Your grace You set me free. And in Your presence now, Lord, I’ll bend my knees. Take all of me, take all of me.”  It reflects the idea that our lives are not our own, but rather they should be given to God to be used for His glory, and only through this purpose can we reach our full potential in the plan that God has created for us.

Many of Erik Michael Band’s songs were born out of similar situations of brokenness and the struggles that Erik has faced in order to overcome his own battles with his pride and ego. “God has just had to break me on a number of occasions, and each time it has brought me to a deeper realization of how loving and how gracious He is and how I couldn’t do what I do without Him and without the support of those individuals He placed around me,” Erik Michael said during an interview that I had with the band after one of their rehearsals.

Erik Michael Band is comprised of five guys from all different walks of life who have come together with a shared purpose in Christ. The other band members include Nick Paige (Lead Guitar/ Background Vocals), Greg Bejian (Drums/ Percussion), Paul Hines (Bass) and Mark Hines (Keys, Fiddle, Background Vocals). “There’s definitely a different kind of brotherhood that has developed. You know, kind of a singular focus that God has kind of planted in the five of us,” Erik Michael said.

The ultimate goal of Erik Michael Band is to inspire change in the lives of their listeners, and they’re hoping to do this through the use of a free music distribution service. “Our goal as a band and as a ministry is to challenge people to be the change that they want to see,” Erik Michael said during the band’s official EPK video. “People want to see change in their country and their world and their communities and their churches, but really people, whether they want to admit it or not, want to see change in themselves and the only way that happens is by the renewing of your mind through Jesus Christ.”

Erik Michael Band is looking forward to the big EP release concert that they will be having on February 21 at 6 p.m. in Saratoga Abundant Life Church, Saratoga Springs, NY. “[It] is going to be a very big production. You know, a lot of video work and everything else is being put into that. It’s going to be a great time but a lot of work, so we’re all looking forward to that,” Erik Michael said. “[And] just seeing how God uses us for His glory, because honestly, that’s just the biggest thing that pops in my head.”

The band is also working on a new song entitled “Our God Is Here,” to be released at a later date. “The chorus goes something to the effect of, ‘Wake up, wake up. Lift your voice and cheer. The dark is losing ground. It’s the breaking of the dawn,’” Erik Michael said. “[It’s] the idea that, though sometimes things don’t always make sense to us and it seems like we’re kind of battling through things, our God is here.”

“I’m not doing this by myself, there is a reason behind this,” Erik Michael said during his official EPK video. “What better way to bring the message of change and revolution and the Gospel of Christ to people than through music.”


By Anna Dinger