DEMON HUNTER unveil lyric video for “The Last One Alive”

February 26, 2014 – With the release of their seventh studio album, Extremist, on the horizon, legendary hard rockers DEMON HUNTER have unveiled a lyric video for new track “The Last One Alive.”

Due March 18th on Solid State Records, Extremistfinds the Seattle band once again pushing its sound to, well, extremes, with some of the band’s catchiest choruses ever colliding with a borderline modern doom element. Vocalist, primary songwriter (and Grammy-nominated graphic artist) Ryan Clark says, “In seven albums, none of us have ever been this proud of what we created. It feels like we channeledDEMON HUNTER from 2018 (minus any out-of-touch old man issues that some bands face later in their career). Fans that have grown with us will absolutely LOVE the record.”

“The Last One Alive” is already picking up steam with fans, having quickly rocketed to the No.1 spot on the metal charts and No. 13 on the rock charts at iTunes. The previous single from Extremist, “Artificial Light,” was the fourth-most added song on CMJ’s Loud Rock chart this week.

Part of the band’s growth on Extremist can be traced to an obsessive attention to detail, much of it at the hand of the outfit’s newest member, guitarist Jeremiah Scott, who recorded the bulk of the album. Not only does Extremist plow into new sonic territories, but it stretches DEMON HUNTER technically – no small feat, as anyone familiar with the band’s celebrated catalogue can attest. The album features both the pummeling metal and nuanced balladry fans have come to expect from DH, while also delivering a series of songs – “I Will Fail You,” “Hell Don’t Need Me,” “Gasoline” – that explore the broad palette of sounds between those two poles.

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“To me, Extremist sounds like we put twice the time into creating it, compared to anything DEMON HUNTER did in the past… and we pretty much did,” Clark says. “It is DH at our very best and most deliberate.”

Now, on the verge of a new chapter in the band’s storied career, the members of DEMON HUNTER are keenly aware of where they came from, and what they mean to their legions of fans. At the same time, they’ll continue to do what they’ve always done – push forward, explore the extremes, and bring everyone else – their fans, their followers, their peers – along for the wild ride.