Convictons – ‘Unworthy’ EP (Review)




Usually for unsigned newcomers in the metal genre, it takes several albums to fully grow and develop a solidified sound. Christian metalcore band, Convictions, have already nailed that veteran sound in their four track EP, Unworthy, with an array of thunderous vocals, nasty guitar riffs, and soaring choruses that bleed emotion. The EP explodes with roaring energy in “The Art of Breathing,” and pushes the momentum full throttle with “The Drifter,” blending vocalist Mike Felker’s ferocious growls and desperate yells seamlessly with soft harmonies, as he cries “no death can separate us,” and escalates to a breakdown sure to get pulses racing. Closing track “Heart of Fire,” features some of the tightest drumming on the EP and incorporates affectively placed gang vocals chanting the chorus, “Tonight I’m letting myself go, I’ll carry a torch to let the world know,” as every element to their music exudes sincere, raw emotion driven by a hopeful, positive message. Unworthy will leave listeners craving a full-length, and has enough ambition to earn Convictions the attention they deserve.


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Review by Jen Schwartz