Blitz Kids – ‘The Good Youth’ (Review)

blitz kids

Blitz Kids’ third studio album is a welcomed bright spot in the dreary early months of 2014, and kicks off what is already shaping up to be a great year in new music. With its earnest, straight-forward lyrics and the punk pop sensibility, just about anybody can easily fall for this album. Its bright, enjoyable and intense songs are well-written and show a grown up side of Blitz Kids that’s still at the ready to have a bit of adolescent fun. The quartet from Great Britain got to work with John Feldmann, (All Time Low, The Used, Neon Trees) so it’s no wonder that from such a glorious pairing of capable musicians and a talented producer, a remarkable record was created.

“All I Want Is Everything” holds the album namesake in the lyrics, starting off with melodic gang vocals. It’s a slo-mo summer montage song that’s relatable and leaves listeners curious to what the next tracks hold. “Run for Cover,” a punchy bad-breakup song, and “On My Own,” a forceful song dealing with the trials of alcohol abuse, paint vivid stories with their music that fans can identify with.

“Sometimes” is a favorite off the record and plays like something destined to hit the top music charts. They keep their rock roots alive with trendy guitar riffs and eager drum rhythms, but shift the focus onto the appealing features of top 40 pop-rock. A rousing song, this is music that needs to be appreciated live, as it is hard to sit still and listen to without wanting to get up, dance and jump around.

“Keep Swinging” begins a three song movement that combines disjointed orchestral sounds and breaks into soaring pop melodies. It eases the record into a slower state that manages to keep the pulse steady, but alive and kicking. Throughout it all, their outlook remains positive and uplifting within their words and music. Through these songs, Blitz Kids seem to understand a lot of the trials and tribulations our generation encounters and are able to beautifully put them into the words even we ourselves can’t seem to figure out sometimes.

The last few songs drop off and lose some of the infectious energy they had in the first half of the album, making them more filler songs than anything. They’re still good songs, but because they set the bar so high with the first few, “Perfect,” “Title Fight” and “Roll the Dice” seem somewhat lackluster in comparison.

This album is a matured and polished version of Blitz Kids. The Good Youth is loaded with radio-friendly, sing-along goodness that can eagerly grab up new fans and keep the old ones satisfied.  This is an honest album that lays out all their cards on the table when it comes to musicianship and their abilities to create unique pop influenced rock songs. If this is the progress they make in between releases, just imagine what the future holds.


Review by Stephanie Roe