Bleaux Debuts Stop-Motion-Animated Music Video for “All Messed Up”


Born and bred in Hollywood, CA here is BLEAUX!

Check out their video for “All Messed Up” – a stop-motion-animated explosion of color, texture and image. BLEAUX joined forces with artist/designer Curly V ( a protégé of David LaChapelle and Jeremy Scott) to create this hyperkinetic clip.

About Bleaux:

With their supercharged-high-energy fusion of alt-rock, electro, pop, punk, and new wave, the sonic and visual alchemists in BLEAUX serve up an artfully melded sound that’s both brain-bendingly fresh and instinctually irresistible. Born and bred in Hollywood, California from the ever-racing collective minds of Sohanny (lead vocals), Prozak Morris (DJ, keys, MPC, beat-tar, backing vocals), Mike Dez (guitar, backing vocals), and Animal (drums), BLEAUX points to its songwriting, fused genre production, pop culture sensibility and all-out, intensity driven live performances as its driving forces.

All musicians since childhood, BLEAUX’s members found their way to each other through the L.A. scene and instantly bonded over their shared D.I.Y. attitude and insatiable appetite for the art of sound. Intensely collaborative and eternally inspired, the band sources much of its untappable energy from its own creative chemistry. “We all came from different mindsets and backgrounds, but still had the same ideas and creative common thread, and we all somehow ended up here together … fortuitous coincidence? Maybe just weird … but true” says Sohanny.

The first single, “All Messed Up,” from BLEAUX’s upcoming debut EP, is a deadly sweet electro-pop-new wave influenced track that’s all woozy synth, sick beats, hard bass line and stick-in-your-head melody. To create the “All Messed Up” video—and introduce global audiences to the visual realm BLEAUX considers its own parallel dimension in the multiverse—the band joined forces with the like-minded genre-warping artist/designer Curly V (a protégé of David LaChapelle and Jeremy Scott). A stop-motion-animated explosion of color, texture, and image, the “All Messed Up” video is a hyperkinetic free-for-all that reveals its hidden layers of meaning upon closer look. The video is the first in a series of interconnected visual experiences BLEAUX plans reveal to audiences in conjunction with the release of its EP.