Analog Rebellion – ‘Ill’e Grande’ (Review)

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The newest music from Analog Rebellion proves that true artistry still exists. In a musical world filled with halfhearted club music and wannabe DJs, an impressively complex rock and roll album feels like a thing of the past. Nowadays, one must tirelessly scour the musically overpopulated internet for good music, because good musicians just do not get radio play anymore, in order to find a diamond in the rough.

With a Tera Melos vibe, an experimental approach, and a trippy sound, Ill’e Grande LP is a girl’s best friend. The entire EP takes the listener on an exhilarating journey. With reminiscence of the 80s mixed with a fun and fearless approach to music, each song on the LP offers a new and interesting twist. Analog Rebellion has bestowed upon the world a fabulous creation. Anyone who has ever picked up an instrument, taken a music theory class, or tripped acid will love Ill’e Grande LP.


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Review by Alice Carson