This Providence Discover Band’s Identity With Release Of ‘Where Are You Now’ – Throwback

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Article by Kelly McDonald

Forget SATs and college applications. Instead, This Providence took the path to rockstardom, signing on with a local indie label, touring and releasing their first album, Our Worlds Divorce.

Between releasing a self-titled album with Fueled by Ramen in 2006 and their 2009 release, Who Are You Now, the band has experienced several lineup changes. With vocalist Dan Young, guitarist Gavin Phillips, bassist David Blaise and drummer Andy Horst, This Providence found a roster that works. 

“It’s nice to finally have a solid lineup,” said Young. “That played a huge part in our creative process for Who Are You Now and I think it shows.”

Though the album rocks stereo speakers and ear buds alike, This Providence was concerned about more. Touring with Hey Monday through late July and jumping on for the last leg of Warped Tour, they wanted to be sure their music translated into a successful live product as well.

“We intentionally wrote songs that would feel great live, that would sound big and draw people in,” said Young.

With that in mind, This Providence has one definite plan: “Tour, tour, tour! Nothing’s set in stone yet, except for the fact that we will tour.”

The band’s pride in WAYN is obvious, and Young believes the record defines the band.

“We’re finally proud of every song on our record and in a sense we feel like we discovered our identity as a band….at least for this record cycle,” said Young.

“We discovered a new appreciation for sweetness in simplicity,” said Young. “We toned down our mathematical approach to the song and focused more on the songwriting. I really love how music can move you emotionally and I wanted to make a record that did exactly that.”